Hans Riemer

Hans has over 30 years of domestic and international experience working in marketing and sales for business-to-business technology companies. He has led business development, corporate communications, public relations, product management and product marketing initiatives for companies ranging from startups to members of the Global 500.

Vector image of LinkedIn ad post types floating in the air around a man sitting at his computer

LinkedIn Ad Types: Things You Should Consider

Companies tend to think of LinkedIn primarily as a resource for employee recruitment and professional connections. Although it’s certainly a great place to promote your job offerings, LinkedIn also offers several ad targeting options that make it a diverse and highly valuable platform for general advertising by B2B companies. Think about it: who better to …

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Landing Pages 101

Landing Pages 101

Landing pages provide a unique opportunity to achieve a goal on your website in an enticing and informative manner. We’ve found that not all businesses have optimal landing pages, so we created this article as a guide. Do note that this article only provides a brief overview with general recommendations – results and specific attributes …

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Optimizing Online Lead Funnels

Optimizing Online Lead Funnels

…and why it’s critical to achieving more business. We see this a lot, especially with companies that sell to other businesses, but also with colleges and universities. We scratch our heads and wonder why some marketers pursue a mindset that is flat-out counterproductive towards the goal of winning new business. We’re talking about sales that …

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Cybersecurity Tips

Two Simple Cybersecurity Tips to Save a Lot of Grief

Recently, I attended a breakfast seminar on cybersecurity, hosted by Enterprise Bank. If the thought of getting your identity stolen, or your business data getting hacked, gives you the shakes, imagine what it’s like to be in charge of protecting the billion-dollar assets of a commercial bank. The presenters went through a well-organized review of …

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Mobile-Friendly Websites are Key

How a Mobile-Friendly Website Affects Your Business

Having a mobile-friendly website is becoming increasingly important. There’s plenty of data to support this argument: Mobile is the primary device people use when performing a Google search (Google, 2016). 89% of people are likely to recommend a brand after a positive brand experience on mobile (Google, 2017). 53% of people will abandon a mobile …

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