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These digital marketing resources provide instruction, tips and tools to help you develop and implement an effective website marketing strategy.

Glossary: Marketing Terms

Heard some jargon lately? Not sure what it means? Here’s where to go for an explanation in plain English.

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Apple’s Mail Privacy Changes Are Coming, and They’re Scary 

For marketers both digital and physical, a campaign is only as successful as is measurable with data after the fact, whether the metric is in-store visits or online clicks. That’s why before any advertising campaign is put into action, the groundwork to measure its success must be laid.  Unfortunately for email marketers, this measurement is about to become more difficult. With Apple’s iOS 15 comes a …
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Google Partner Is No Longer a Badge of Honor

Google has announced new requirements for their Google Partner program, bringing to mind an infrequently discussed repercussion of the digital era: the dramatically altered relationship (and power dynamic) between advertising agencies and the platforms on which we run ads. Today’s post is about that shift and a difficult conundrum currently facing agencies and clients, but before we get into that, we’ll start with just a little history.  Agencies and Print …
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Disruptive Advertising: The Fast Ads Approach

A couple weeks ago, we detailed some of the benefits of disrupting a stagnant industry and offered a few suggestions to keep in mind as you build your disruptive brand. However, we didn’t dive into what disruptive advertising actually looks like.  Here, we’ll provide an example of an advertising approach businesses are currently using to disrupt their industries by taking advantage of cultural events and …
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Building a Disruptive Brand

This year, for the first time in history, digital ads will account for half of total global advertising expenditure. Focusing on online advertising used to be a disruptive practice; now it has become necessary for success.  The continual shift to digital has created an environment saturated with advertisements, and if you’ve spent any time online, you know that they run the gamut. Some are low effort, while others have been …
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What To Do When Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

Did you know that the average enterprise promotes content on between 14-16 different platforms? The most prevalent content marketing strategy seems to be this: put everything everywhere; the more content and platforms, the better.   How well you execute on your content marketing efforts can affect the results of both organic search and paid traffic. People want useful content, so offering something of value in exchange for contact information is a time-honored conversion and lead generation strategy. This …
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How Does Google Maintain User Privacy?

Even before recent changes, it has been difficult for Google’s users (and advertisers) to stay up to date on how Google collects and doles out information. Yet despite their assurances about how the data is anonymized and the paramount importance of user privacy, we know their user data must be useful, and there must be a lot of it: many billions of dollars worth each quarter.   In this …
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Digital Marketing Resources

We use WP Engine to host our website. When we have any issues or questions, their customer service provided us with the quick, efficient and friendly service we expect. Since internet and website access are vital to our business, as it probably is to yours as well, we need a reliable yet cost-effective host provider. We are also an affiliate.

Moz is a website with both free and paid analytical tools. They can help you to analyze your social media, web links, SEO, google rankings and much more.

Quirk has a great free tool that allows you to see how any website is performing. This search status tool provides extensive search-related information in a convenient toolbar.

SEO Book is a tool we use and recommend for keyword and competitive research. They have a variety of different SEO tools available: including an SEO toolbar, a rank checker, keyword suggestion and SEO training.

If your internet speed seems slow, Speakeasy provides a free tool to test the upload and download times to various locations to help you determine the problem.

Need to find your IP address? This website can help. They can also perform IP address and Whois lookups, and teach you how to anonymize your IP address from servers.

Website Speed Testing Tools

User experience on a website is an important part of ranking organically in Google, of which the loading time is a vital part. Fortunately, there are some free tools to determine the speed of a website load time. This will allow you to diagnose and correct any problems discovered during the test. The following are a couple we like:

Google Developers have provided this tool, Page Speed Insights, to evaluate the loading speed on both computers and mobile devices.

Pingdom will determine the website loading speed on a computer.

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