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These digital marketing resources provide instruction, tips and tools to help you develop and implement an effective website marketing strategy.

Glossary: Marketing Terms

Heard some jargon lately? Not sure what it means? Here’s where to go for an explanation in plain English.

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What Is LinkedIn Business Manager?

Recently, LinkedIn rolled out their beta for Business Manager, a platform much like Meta’s identically named ad management tool. For those of you currently running LinkedIn ad campaigns (or planning to do so), here’s how LinkedIn Business Manager will alter your process.  Up until now, client advertising accounts and LinkedIn pages have used 1-to-1 permissions. As a result, if you wanted to hire an individual …
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Why Is First-Party Data Collection Important? 

When it came into effect, the GDPR provoked a Y2K-esque panic. For companies utilizing personal data in their daily operations, the new regulation was a harbinger of daunting change even before most people understood its full scope. Now, having spent a couple years in the aftermath, it’s clear that one of the GDPR’s most significant effects was to permanently alter how entities collect third- …
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How Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference in Google Ads Results

When starting work on optimizing a Google Ads account for a new client, one of our first actions is to figure out how they’ve been managing their online marketing to see what’s working and what’s not.  This process can be difficult for people outside the marketing sphere to understand, so we thought it would be instructive to provide an example from one of our clients …
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Highly Cited Label Added to Google Search Results

that elevates original reporting that is frequently cited by other publishers across the web. Articles that earn the label will be displayed larger than other results, shown before or alongside newer articles, and have a label that reads “highly cited.” In the diagram below we show an example of how this may look in search results. The general function of the “highly cited label” …
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Should I Automatically Apply Recommendations in Google Ads? 

If you manage Google Ads, you are already acutely aware of the constant presence of Recommendations: the improvements Google loudly suggests at the top of the page, in the Recommendations tab on the sidebar, and in your email inbox. Often these are obvious — Increase spending on valuable keywords! — but sometimes Google’s recommendations can be confusing. For example, which of their automatic bidding …
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Digital Marketing Resources

We use WP Engine to host our website. When we have any issues or questions, their customer service provided us with the quick, efficient and friendly service we expect. Since internet and website access are vital to our business, as it probably is to yours as well, we need a reliable yet cost-effective host provider. We are also an affiliate.

Moz is a website with both free and paid analytical tools. They can help you to analyze your social media, web links, SEO, google rankings and much more.

Quirk has a great free tool that allows you to see how any website is performing. This search status tool provides extensive search-related information in a convenient toolbar.

SEO Book is a tool we use and recommend for keyword and competitive research. They have a variety of different SEO tools available: including an SEO toolbar, a rank checker, keyword suggestion and SEO training.

If your internet speed seems slow, Speakeasy provides a free tool to test the upload and download times to various locations to help you determine the problem.

Need to find your IP address? This website can help. They can also perform IP address and Whois lookups, and teach you how to anonymize your IP address from servers.

Website Speed Testing Tools

User experience on a website is an important part of ranking organically in Google, of which the loading time is a vital part. Fortunately, there are some free tools to determine the speed of a website load time. This will allow you to diagnose and correct any problems discovered during the test. The following are a couple we like:

Google Developers have provided this tool, Page Speed Insights, to evaluate the loading speed on both computers and mobile devices.

Pingdom will determine the website loading speed on a computer.

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