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Glossary: Marketing Terms

Heard some jargon lately? Not sure what it means? Here’s where to go for an explanation in plain English.

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Three Changes Coming to LinkedIn Ads in 2023 

Last month, LinkedIn announced several upcoming features to the LinkedIn Ads platform. Now that some are being rolled out selectively, we’ve got a clearer idea of how advertising on LinkedIn will change in the coming months.  Focused Inbox  Like most email providers, LinkedIn is adding a tabbed inbox ostensibly to make messaging on the site more intuitive. In reality, the Focused tab will be used to …
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Observing the future

3 Google Search Changes Coming in 2023 

Predictions in online marketing often feel like shots in the dark, especially with the meteoric rises (and abrupt slumps) of large platforms. However, some hints were dropped recently during the Search On Google 2022 Webinar. These tidbits point toward not just the future of Google, but some possible upcoming changes in the greater digital marketing world.  Google’s Enhanced Multisearch  If you haven’t heard, Google’s Multisearch beta …
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Data Studio Mockup on iPad

Data Studio Fusion with Looker Creates New Compatibilities 

At the recent Cloud Next 2022 conference, Google announced they had brought all their business data management tools under the Looker Suite umbrella. The change was effective immediately; URLs like still work, but Data Studio’s branding now reads Looker Studio.  This is great news for anyone with a large cache of business data: Data Studio users will now be able to utilize Looker’s analytics …
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Untraceable Marketing

The film Demolition Man premiered on October 8, 1993, just over 29 years ago. In its satirical depiction of the future, the only restaurant remaining after the “Franchise Wars” is Taco Bell. (Or in the international cut, Pizza Hut – both are owned by PepsiCo.)   It was a bold move purchasing such a prominent placement in an R-rated film, and it’s safe to assume PepsiCo’s …
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Microsoft’s Outlook Ad Gamble

If you use the Outlook app regularly to check your email, you may have noticed the recent addition of ads. It’s also quite possible you haven’t noticed them – the ads are (some would say insidiously) nestled in among your emails with only the word “ad” in a small box to differentiate them from your actual correspondence.  Microsoft is taking to heart an important rule …
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optimizing Facebook video

Optimizing Video for Maximum Distribution on Facebook

Creating content for online advertising can feel a bit like appealing to an expressionless and mute monarch. Advertisers tend to have a good understanding of text optimization signals like keyword frequency and active voice usage, but optimizing video presents additional complexities: are platforms like YouTube crawling the audio for clarity and keyword content? How does Facebook know what users to send to your videos?  At …
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Digital Marketing Resources

We use WP Engine to host our website. When we have any issues or questions, their customer service provided us with the quick, efficient and friendly service we expect. Since internet and website access are vital to our business, as it probably is to yours as well, we need a reliable yet cost-effective host provider. We are also an affiliate.

Moz is a website with both free and paid analytical tools. They can help you to analyze your social media, web links, SEO, google rankings and much more.

Quirk has a great free tool that allows you to see how any website is performing. This search status tool provides extensive search-related information in a convenient toolbar.

SEO Book is a tool we use and recommend for keyword and competitive research. They have a variety of different SEO tools available: including an SEO toolbar, a rank checker, keyword suggestion and SEO training.

If your internet speed seems slow, Speakeasy provides a free tool to test the upload and download times to various locations to help you determine the problem.

Need to find your IP address? This website can help. They can also perform IP address and Whois lookups, and teach you how to anonymize your IP address from servers.

Website Speed Testing Tools

User experience on a website is an important part of ranking organically in Google, of which the loading time is a vital part. Fortunately, there are some free tools to determine the speed of a website load time. This will allow you to diagnose and correct any problems discovered during the test. The following are a couple we like:

Google Developers have provided this tool, Page Speed Insights, to evaluate the loading speed on both computers and mobile devices.

Pingdom will determine the website loading speed on a computer.

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