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Successfully managing google ads for clients for over 16 years

We Are A Certified Google Ads Agency

If you are considering placing ads through Google Ads, or if you’re already running the platform without much success, we can help. Google Ads is an amazing advertising platform, but over the years it has become increasingly rich in features and complexity. If your Google Ads strategy consists of little more than choosing some keywords, writing ad copy, and punching in a credit card, you’re not likely to come out a winner.

Market Vantage has been successfully managing Google Ads campaigns for clients for over 16 years. We’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and how to fix an account that’s sputtering or losing money. Whether your organization can best be served by search or display ads or both, Market Vantage can harvest the results you deserve.

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Certified Provider

Google Ads Partner

As a Google advertising agency, we offer a variety of services for interested advertisers. Whether you are looking for a consultation of your account setup or would like assistance managing your advertising, Market Vantage is here to help. Our comprehensive monthly service includes managing Search Ads, Display Ads, or Video Ads while ensuring a sound strategy is implemented.

Receive Qualified Traffic

Get Web Traffic That Matters

Have you actually tracked the quality of your online traffic from advertising campaigns? Often, there might be a high number of visitors to the website, but an awful conversion rate. That stems from a few factors, like poorly-targeted advertising, insufficient ad copy, or automated bidding strategies. We can review your Google Ads account and provide recommendations to make sure you’re getting the most qualified traffic to your website.

Are Your Leads Sales-Ready?

Maximize Your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Getting qualified traffic to your website isn’t enough these days. It takes careful consideration and sometimes plenty of A/B testing to ensure you’re getting sales from your visitors. That is where having expert consultations can help. Let us review your landing pages, strategies, and run tests on your Google Ads to ensure you’re converting the qualified traffic you are receiving.

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