Facebook Ads Management

The preferred advertising platform for B2C businesses

Facebook and Instagram Ads Management Services

Marketers and organizations that want to target potential B2C clients or a specific demographic prefer the Facebook advertising platform.

Facebook offers different ad campaigns based on marketing objectives including: growing brand awareness and reach, driving traffic to a website, increasing post engagement or page likes, collecting lead information, gathering event registrations, and more.

Market Vantage provides Facebook advertising assistance to organizations and tailors ads to target audiences based on campaign and budget allocation objectives. We can set up and configure campaigns, apply targeting parameters, write ads, and configure campaign and conversion tracking through web analytics platforms such as Google Analytics.

Facebook ads are targeted by age, demographics, interests, behavior, geography, and a number of other variables allowing very precise targeting to specific individuals. Through Facebook advertising you can reach users on Facebook as well as Instagram and Facebook’s Partner Audience Network.

Market Vantage has been successful at using the Facebook platform to bring the right message to the right audience in order to help our clients meet their objectives and can help you do the same.

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