Traffic programs designed to
attract qualified business
prospects to your site –

not just large numbers of visitors.


Converting visitors into sales
is the most important part
of online marketing –

and conversion rate optimization is key.


If you want search engines
to send lots of relevant visitors
to your website –

your site must be deserving.


Why hire an expert to run
your Pay-Per-Click program?

Because your ROI should far exceed what the service costs.

The Traffic You Want

Generating traffic to your website requires laser-like focus. The more relevant the visitors you have to your site, the greater the number to convert into customers.

The Analytics You Need

We use inexpensive tools to help you optimize results and avoid unnecessary spending. We will analyze your requirements and recommend the Web analytics tools best for your company.

The Sales You Will See

Converting visitors into sales is the most important element of online marketing. Let us show you how to offer your visitors something of real value in exchange for their contact information.

Specialized. Reliable. Experienced.

At Market Vantage, we help each of our clients develop and implement an effective
Internet marketing strategy for a positive impact on their business.

About Market Vantage

Market Vantage designs, implements and measures the results of web marketing initiatives for our clients to help them make their businesses more successful. We are seasoned business and Internet marketing professionals with a wealth of real-world experiences to share.

If you believe that business could be enhanced by a better marketing strategy to leverage the Internet as a marketing vehicle, please contact us in confidence for a free initial phone consultation.


“Thanks largely to the advice and counsel of our partners at Market Vantage, our business has grown 30% year over year in a field that’s become increasingly competitive.”

Fred BellExecutive Vice President, Ornaments with Love

“It is a pleasure working with Market-Vantage. They are an extension of our own company. We moved up in the Google rankings and this had a great impact on our business. I highly recommend these guys.”

Waiting Room Solutions

“The number of qualified leads from PPC has increased by 50% and our cost per lead has been slashed in half within two months since Market Vantage started managing our account. We are very happy with the results!”

ADLIB Software

“We are pleased with the increase in traffic and leads we’ve gotten since we hired Market Vantage.”

AirPro Environmental Solutions

“Not only are they knowledgeable and easy to work with, they have a way of communicating their strategy to those of us who don’t speak in URLs, title tags, and website code.”

Borrego Solar Systems, Inc.
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