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We’ll prepare you for the new marketing paradigm of GA4.

Are you prepared for the new Google Analytics 4?

Google has shuttered Universal Analytics on July 1st 2023 and transitioned to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). If you don’t have your account setup properly, your business could lose valuable data

Our team of digital marketing and analytics experts can help make your Google Analytics 4 setup quick and easy. After completing an initial intake form, we’ll help devise a plan to keep your accounts up to date with Google Analytics and ensure your business doesn’t miss a step along the way.

Compare Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

Universal Analytics

Prioritizes desktop traffic
Relies on cookies
Collected data modeling
Stores IP addresses
Behavioral trend detection


Google Analytics 4

Tracks cross-platform traffic
Understands user activity without cookies
Event-based data modeling
No IP address data is stored
Predictive modeling and future trend alerts

For a complete comparison, check out our latest blog: Universal Analytics vs Google Analytics 4 feature comparison.

Start Your GA4 Setup

GA4 features completely different controls for data collection and usage, meaning the majority of data you’ve collected in the current iteration of Google Analytics won’t be carried over. That’s why we suggest GA users make the switch as soon as possible before Google shutters UA: you’ll have ample time to build historical data within the new collection parameters. 

Ready to Get Started with GA4?

Choose the right plan for your business:

Pro PackagePremiere PackageCustom Package
Existing GA Review
Data Stream(s)3 Incl.5 Incl.7+ Incl.
Google Signals
Linked Accounts (GSC + GAds)
Conversions/Events15 Incl.30 Incl.Unlimited
Import GAds Events
Custom Audiences/Segmentation15 Incl.30 Incl.Unlimited
Enable eCommerce✓*
Custom Dashboards/Reports135
Support (Calls)1 Call (30min)3 Calls (30min)5 Calls (30min)
Price$2,250$3,500Pricing Varies
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