Search Engine Optimization

If someone uses a search engine to look for your solution or product, will they find your website on the first page of the search results?

Achieving Top Search Engine Ranking

There are many difficulties along the path to achieving top search engine rankings. Remember, most people are searching for information, so making your web pages informative is the place to start if you want high rankings over time.

Achieving top search engine rankings for your website starts with content. You need to provide good, on-topic information. But it is also easy to throw up roadblocks in the way of search engine crawlers that periodically visit your site to classify the content. Examples of roadblocks are Flash intros on your home page (these obstruct humans as well as crawlers) and text displayed in the form of images (readable by humans but not by spiders).

Some web designers create sites to be human-friendly but not search engine-friendly. The fact is, your site can and should be useful and informative for humans and still easy for search engine spiders to index. Market Vantage can evaluate your website to ensure it meets both objectives. If you already have a web design firm that you like, we can work with them to ensure the search engines will like your new site as much as you and visitors do!

As part of our SEO process, Market Vantage reviews and edits each page of your website to optimize search engine visibility of the targeted search terms. Search engine optimization includes developing HTML Title and Meta tags for each page as well as making adjustments to website copy. Our clients then review and edit all of our recommended changes before these are published to the website.

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Top Search Engine Ranking

Most search engines display ten results per page, out of hundreds or even millions of matches. If you want the search engines to send a lot of relevant visitors to your website, then you need to have a top-ten ranking in the search results for keywords relevant to your business. People rarely search past the top-ten search results, and almost never past the top 30. Being number 31 is not much help.

Generally, people use search engines to find information, products or services. They don’t want to dig for relevant results. They prefer to see the most relevant search results for a given search term presented first. The better the search results prioritization, the happier the searcher will be, and the more likely they will use the same search engine next time a search is needed. So most search engines, which make the bulk of their money on advertising, are extremely interested in giving searchers what they want.

Effective link building should appear natural to the search engines to achieve and maintain high organic rankings. Our unique approach is focused around link diversity. Inbound links are obtained from blogs, forums, Web 2.0, articles, directories, etc. These links are built quickly and methodically for greater SERP (search engine result pages) gains on targeted SEO keywords in a fairly short amount of time. In 1-2 months you will achieve incredible gains on keywords even in the most competitive markets.

Over the years, inbound links have become at least as important as on-site content. Inbound links influence the search engines by providing third-party references as to the importance and content of your website. Generating inbound links is a labor-intensive process. Social media marketing is an important vehicle for generating inbound links. 

Keyword Analysis

Search Engine Optimization first requires a solid Keyword Analysis. Keyword Analysis results are different for every company; therefore we perform a custom process for each client. We analyze keywords (search terms) across three dimensions: search frequency, competition, and relevance. Once we have identified an achievable list of keywords or keyword phrases that are likely to bring relevant visitors to your site, we can then begin optimizing your site.

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