Internet Marketing Methodology

The two main goals of Internet marketing are to create awareness for your products or services and then convert that interest into business opportunities. For two decades, Market Vantage has helped organizations accomplish these goals.

In addition to web-based promotion and lead generation, your Internet marketing strategy may include reducing operational costs, increasing customer loyalty, partner or channel development, and market analysis. Because we are experienced and versatile marketing pros, we can share our many years of experience in these areas with you to help you make wise choices and avoid the many common pitfalls.

Our methodology can be summarized as follows:

  • Define business goals, target audiences, and messaging per audience
  • Measure existing Internet presence and programs
  • Define / refine Internet marketing strategy
  • Implement
  • Measure results

Internet Marketing Goals, Target Markets and Strategy

We always begin our client relationships by asking a lot of questions. For example, what are you selling? What are the various buyer personas? What “pain” are potential customers experiencing that your product or service addresses? How do they typically find out about products or services like yours? If buying decisions involve more than one person, what are their roles? Who is your competition and what are their strengths and weaknesses? What are your unique competitive advantages? Who are your potential partners or affiliates?

Define / Refine Internet Marketing Strategy

Once we understand the fundamentals of your business, we explore how you could better leverage the Internet to enhance your sales and marketing efforts. Who are the audiences / personas that should visit your website, what is your message to each audience, and what do you want each audience to do before leaving your site? Are you tracking visitors to your site and measuring the results of your online campaigns? When a sale is made, can you attribute that sale back to the campaign or campaigns that triggered the initial visit or contact?


Part of our value to you is our experience with Internet marketing technologies, vendors, ad platforms, and best practices. We draw on this experience to develop a plan and provide implementation support from assistance to full development if you need it. Some of our clients want to handle all or part of the implementation themselves, and that’s fine with us. We work as your partner and bring in our team of digital marketing strategists, copy writers, ad platform experts, web developers, and technical talent as needed. We remain intensely focused on limiting your costs and maximizing your profits through our work.


One of the advantages of Internet marketing is the quick availability of results from your campaigns. The results of even a minor tweak to your website, for example to increase conversion rate, can often be seen in a matter of hours or days, making it easier to fine-tune and incrementally improve your site and your campaigns. Given this fact, it’s surprising how few companies actually have an effective process in place to measure the results of what they’re doing and feed that information back into the cycle. Market Vantage can implement the measurement technology, figure out “what it means,” and provide you with the resulting observations and recommendations to help you continuously improve your company’s Internet marketing performance.

Let us assess your website traffic needs and determine the best set of website marketing programs to achieve your desired results. Please contact us in confidence by calling +1-978-482-0130 or completing our Information Request Form.

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