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Discover How to Optimize Your Website Presence

When you’re feeling unwell and go to visit your doctor, they generally examine you and run some tests before offering a diagnosis and prescribing treatment. When an organization approaches us because they are having problems with their online marketing, we likewise need to make a careful examination and run some tests before we can confidently determine what is wrong and explain what kind of fix is required.

The Internet Marketing Checkup is our diagnostic framework. More than just a Website Audit, it has evolved over more than a decade and now consists of dozens of data gathering-procedures that fall into seven areas of focus. Depending on your needs, the data we gather compares your organization’s online marketing presence against that of your main competitors—because, on the Web, your competitors are easily found.

We start with a comprehensive questionnaire that helps us understand your business and your market. We will also request access to your Analytics and any online ad accounts. We then go to work analyzing your online marketing alongside that of your main competitors. The deliverable is a set of documents and a conference call in which we identify the problem areas that are hindering your online objectives from coming to fruition along with detailed, prioritized recommendations for actions to take that will increase traffic to your website and the percentage of visitors that will convert into leads or sales.

At that point, you can convert our recommendations into actions by either using internal resources or a third party. Of course, we’ll stand ready to assist you with implementation should you want our help.

For further information and a more detailed description of the focus areas, please contact us or complete the short form below.

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SEO Audit

Standard Website Audit

The Standard Website Audit examines the online visibility of your website and provides an analysis of key factors:

  • Search Engine Friendliness / Crawlability – are search engines able to determine what your website it about, so they can classify it properly?
  • Keyword Analysis – these are the search terms used by your prospects in the process of finding the goods and services your company offers. The Keyword Analysis consists of a list of up to 50 keyword phrases based on your products and offers, along with estimated Google search frequency and competition data. In addition, we show you your site’s relative search engine visibility compared to your competitors for each search term.
  • Keyword Placement – does your website leverage its keywords to their full advantage?
  • Back-Link Analysis – these are the references on other sites to your target site. We compare your site against your competitors in terms of inbound link quality and quantity. 
  • Recommendations – we describe ways in which you should be applying your target keywords to the site or modifying the site to improve online visibility.

SEO Audit

Extended Website Audit

The Extended Website Audit adds an analysis of conversion optimization and the visitor effectiveness of your site. While online visibility is primarily a quantitative issue, visitor effectiveness is qualitative. We examine three key dimensions:

  • Navigation – how easily can visitors to your website find what they are looking for?
  • Engagement – does your website highlight one or more clear calls-to-action? Are the engagement points you want your visitors to undertake compelling and obvious?

SEO + PPC Audit

Discovery Project

The Discovery Project is for companies that have an existing Pay-Per-Click program or are seriously considering PPC advertising. It includes everything in the Standard and Extended Audits, plus we examine and make recommendations on your existing or potential PPC campaigns regarding:

  • Overall structure and configuration options.
  • Generally accepted best practices.
  • Grouping of keywords, ads and landing pages.
  • Keyword choices and usage, including matching options and bidding strategy.
  • Contextual advertising, if appropriate.
  • Ad copy and landing page effectiveness.

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