LinkedIn Ads Management

The preferred advertising platform for B2B companies

LinkedIn Ads Management Services

LinkedIn offers a very interesting advertising platform, particularly for B2B marketers and organizations that want to target specific types of individuals.

LinkedIn offers two engagement modes for advertisers, LinkedIn Ads (self-service) and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, also known as LinkedIn Premium. When you purchase LinkedIn Premium, LinkedIn provides account reps that manage your account for you. Premium requires a substantial up-front financial commitment on a quarterly basis. The self-service version provides no support from LinkedIn but does not require any minimum commitment.

Market Vantage can assist organizations with their LinkedIn advertising whether they are using Premium services or the self-service model. For Premium clients, we can coordinate with your LinkedIn team on your behalf to ensure you get the best value from your program. For self-service clients, we can set up and configure campaigns, apply targeting parameters, write ads and content for Sponsored Updates, and configure campaign and conversion tracking through web analytics platforms such as Google Analytics.

Unlike search and display network advertising, LinkedIn ads are targeted by industry, job title & function, company size, geography, and a number of other variables. This allows you to target your ads very precisely at particular types of individuals or professionals. You can pay by the click (CPC) or by 1,000 ad impressions (CPM). As with other ad platforms, you can control daily spend budgets by campaign.

LinkedIn is an amazing way to put your message in front of a highly-targeted audience, but it does take experience and hands-on work to be successful. We have the experience and the team that can setup and manage your LinkedIn advertising optimally to meet your objectives.

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