Hans Riemer

Hans has over 30 years of domestic and international experience working in marketing and sales for business-to-business technology companies. He has led business development, corporate communications, public relations, product management and product marketing initiatives for companies ranging from startups to members of the Global 500.

Cross-Device Conversion Tracking

Cross-Device Conversion Tracking

If you have an AdWords account, you may have received an email from Google recently with the subject: “Cross-device conversions will be automatically included in the Conversions column.” While this capability has been available on-demand in AdWords accounts for some time, Google is planning to include this data in your AdWords report by default. So, …

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Scribbling Analytics on Paper

The Three Most Common and Costly Mistakes in Online Marketing

Having recently celebrated our company’s 13th anniversary, we can say that we have helped hundreds of clients and improved thousands of online marketing situations in dire need of attention. Over those years, we have found that the biggest mistakes that companies make with their online marketing fall into three main categories, and they are not …

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Internet Marketing ROI Measures

by Guest Blogger Andy Moysenko of Advyse. Return on investment (ROI) is one of the most important measures to a business. Whether the enterprise is growing, holding its own, or declining, meaningful ROI data on its expenditures, particularly in marketing is critical to managing the business. And, in the digital age, identifying the return on expenditures …

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Google Branding

Search Network with Display Select– Should you take Google’s recommendation?

Have you seen popups in your AdWords Search account that recommend enabling a campaign setting called “Search Network with Display Select”? Clicking on “Learn More” provides a compelling business case as to why this switch will be profitable for you.       Should you take Google’s advice and make the switch? We advise against …

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Optimizing Online Lead Funnels

The Lead Generation Dance

Sellers believe in their product and their organization, often fervently. “If only a prospect would listen to our story, watch our demo and read up on our customer case studies,” thinks the seller, “then they would almost always decide in our favor.” If only it were that simple… especially in the B2B world. The Slow Dance The sales we’re talking …

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Magnifying glass looking at the website analytics dashboard on a computer and phone

Google Search Rankings and Mobile-Friendly Web Sites

In February, Google announced an update to their search engine ranking algorithm that is based on whether a website is “mobile-friendly.” In their announcement, Google indicated that websites that are not considered to be mobile-friendly would suffer a negative impact in their search rankings. You can read the actual announcement here. Should you be concerned? …

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