Episode 26: Google PaLM Update: Why Increased Visibility Might Not Improve CTR

Google has a challenge most companies would love to have. They have over 4 billion users and are likely close to the most users the market will allow. How does a company with no room to gain users increase its revenue? The upcoming PaLM (pathway language model) search update could help Google address this very issue. PaLM will have a significant impact on Google’s ability to translate sites from English into many other languages with greater accuracy than ever before. Translated search results will be returned directly on SERPs. This means Google’s existing users will be able to get translated answers to their questions without leaving the search result pages. Though the results will be cited, the incentive to click a result may actually decrease as Google better delivers answers directly to users.

In this week’s Digital Marketing Mondays, Hans and Devin discuss the impact this update will have on marketers, affects it will have on click through rate, and potential improvements to Google’s translation services.



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