Improve Website Conversions Through Persuasive Copy

Question:  What’s the quickest way to get people to leave your website?funny-ads

Answer:    Having a BORING headline on the entry page, also known as a landing page, that doesn’t grab the visitor’s attention or persuade them to take further action.

We’ve all seen websites that simply don’t present their product or service in a way that gets us to take further action. In fact, most websites are like that. Visitors bounce right off of them faster than you can flip a switch.

You may be getting tons of traffic to your site, but if your website doesn’t convert, it’s like putting coins into a broken coke machine over and over again, hoping to get a drink that never comes. What’s worse, if you’re paying for that traffic, it hurts your bottom line.

Having a high conversion rate allows you to outspend your competitors on advertising and still make money, which puts you at a tremendous competitive advantage and allows you to dominate your niche. Persuasive copy can help you accomplish this.

The first step is to know what emotional buttons to push with your prospects and differentiate yourself from the rest of your competition by showing them you’re credible and that they can trust you enough to buy from you – or at least begin the buying dialogue.

It’s NOT about all the fancy, wonderful features your product or service has or how long you’ve been in business. What your website visitors REALLY care about is how you are going to solve THEIR problem or fulfill THEIR need, and how quickly, easily and cost-effectively you can do it.

In other words, your copy must clearly state what’s in it for THEM.

Below are the four most important persuasive web copy secrets we have learned. Follow them, and let them change the way you think and write the copy on your website, and watch your conversion rates shoot up.

1. Figure out the one or two biggest benefits of your product or service or headaches your product or service eliminates and construct a compelling headline using this information.

2. Focus your content on “benefits” and not “features” and write as if your prospects are sitting across the table from you. Explain to them why they should choose your organization to work with by revealing what sets you apart from your competition.

3. Put your prospects at ease. If it makes sense, offer them a guarantee.

4. Add testimonials to your website. This adds third-party credibility and endorses your offer. If your prospects see that you’ve helped others with the same “pain” as they have, then they will be more inclined to buy from you.

Remember to include compelling reasons why your product or service is superior to others, why they should believe what you say to be true, and why they should immediately respond to your offer.

Try this approach on your next campaign landing page and see how it results in a significant BOOST in conversions.


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