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Apple’s Mail Privacy Changes Are Coming, and They’re Scary 

For marketers both digital and physical, a campaign is only as successful as is measurable with data after the fact, whether the metric is in-store visits or online clicks. That’s why before any advertising campaign is put into action, the groundwork to measure its success must be laid.  Unfortunately for email marketers, this measurement is …

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Google Partner Is No Longer a Badge of Honor

Google has announced new requirements for their Google Partner program, bringing to mind an infrequently discussed repercussion of the digital era: the dramatically altered relationship (and power dynamic) between advertising agencies and the platforms on which we run ads. Today’s post is about that shift and a difficult conundrum currently facing agencies and clients, but before we get into that, …

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Building a Disruptive Brand

This year, for the first time in history, digital ads will account for half of total global advertising expenditure. Focusing on online advertising used to be a disruptive practice; now it has become necessary for success.  The continual shift to digital has created an environment saturated with advertisements, and if you’ve spent any time online, you know that they run …

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What Are LinkedIn Stories?

Perhaps you agree with me that LinkedIn’s new Stories feature is an odd addition to their platform. Advertisers in particular might have a hard time seeing the value of this new feature, despite the success of a nearly identical format on Instagram. Are the two social platforms just too different for it to transfer successfully? Can a feature like LinkedIn Stories really be useful on a site …

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How To Increase Web Traffic

Recently, we at Market Vantage have been working on giving our website a facelift, both on page and behind the scenes. We dug up some of the search phrases people typed into Google that brought them to our site. We’ll be addressing many common SEO questions in upcoming blog posts (we’ve got plenty of other articles to help you master Google …

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Why is Google Making it Harder to Add Negative Keywords?

Several months ago, Google began providing far less transparency into the actual search terms that trigger our clients’ Google ads. In the past, Google provided a complete list of every search term that had resulted in a paid click. The report showed the search terms, the number of clicks, and the sponsored keyword that triggered the ad to appear for …

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You Have a Great Website, Now What?

The aesthetics, organization, and clarity of your website are all vital components of a successful marketing strategy. You probably know that neglecting any one of these can result in visitors quickly leaving your site and a low rating from Google. But what if you’ve got a fantastic looking, beautifully organized website, and the traffic just isn’t coming in?  The good news is that you already have a great foundation to …

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