Chris Riemer

Google's Malicious Software Policy is Changing

Expansions Made to Google’s Malicious Software Policy

Google has announced updates to their policy on malicious or unwanted software. The changes, which will be finalized May 9, 2023, are likely intended to boost user confidence following the disastrous launch of Google’s AI chat function, Bard. But that’s not all – shaken by recent volatility in cryptocurrency value and consumer outrage over irresponsible …

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in-person display advertising

Banner Ad Specifications

Banner advertisements (or display ads) are images appearing on the top, bottom, and side margins of webpages. They’ve been ubiquitous on the web for twenty years, and despite the shifting landscape of online marketing, purchasing this space for your business is as valuable today as it ever had been. However, because each platform has its …

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Is Google Search getting worse, or is the web degrading?

Google Search Is Getting Worse

A recent trend in Google Search has users appending “Reddit” to their queries with the hope that they’ll receive a thoughtful answer written by a human – just one of many attempts to treat the underlying (and growing) problem: queries on Google Search are not being answered.   Users of the most popular website in the …

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Data Studio Mockup on iPad

Data Studio Fusion with Looker Creates New Compatibilities 

At the recent Cloud Next 2022 conference, Google announced they had brought all their business data management tools under the Looker Suite umbrella. The change was effective immediately; URLs like still work, but Data Studio’s branding now reads Looker Studio.  This is great news for anyone with a large cache of business data: Data …

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Untraceable Marketing

The film Demolition Man premiered on October 8, 1993, just over 29 years ago. In its satirical depiction of the future, the only restaurant remaining after the “Franchise Wars” is Taco Bell. (Or in the international cut, Pizza Hut – both are owned by PepsiCo.)   It was a bold move purchasing such a prominent placement …

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optimizing Facebook video

Optimizing Video for Maximum Distribution on Facebook

Creating content for online advertising can feel a bit like appealing to an expressionless and mute monarch. Advertisers tend to have a good understanding of text optimization signals like keyword frequency and active voice usage, but optimizing video presents additional complexities: are platforms like YouTube crawling the audio for clarity and keyword content? How does …

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